The tools to ensure your students are safe on & off campus.

Aware360 Student Safety Solutions

Affordable solutions to ensure students are safe, no matter where they are on and off campus.

In today’s campus environment students face a variety of risks. In 2015, there were over 5,000 reported rapes, 2,500 aggravated assaults and 30 murders on college campuses across the US.

To ensure safety for all students, we provide wearable technology to make it easy to connect with campus security or first responders, at the touch of a button. With a discrete design, and silent SOS alert these wearables ensure any call for help will go unnoticed by potential assailants.

Both on and off-campus, you can provide your students with immediate access to a professional that will help them no matter the emergency.

On-Campus Students

The number of reported offenses specifically on campuses is staggeringly high – in 2015 alone, there were a reported 36, 248 criminal offenses on campuses across the United States.1,2 Aware360’s wearable solutions are small, discrete, and contain an easy-to-use SOS button. Students no longer need to remain stationary to receive help; our app collects and provides location information for assistance providers, allowing students to move away from danger as quickly as possible.

Whether you choose to connect students to campus security or one of our real time response partners, you are guaranteed 24/7/365 monitoring of our future generations.

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education, Campus Safety and Security (CSS), 2015,

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Students Off-Campus

College years are filled with parties, school events, class outings and more. It can be difficult to know where students are when they’re not within the range of the campus. Aware360’s solutions can give you peace of mind knowing they can request help from anywhere in the world.

We work with certified response centers around the globe to provide you with access to professional emergency assistance whenever it’s needed. From exchange programs to field laboratories, giving your students a greater sense of security allows them to focus on what’s important rather than worrying about their personal safety.

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Student Athletes

Student athletes have an entirely different set of obligations than regular students; they travel close and long distances outside of school, must train and access parts of the campus at unusual hours, they can become public targets and are typically under increased physical and mental stress.

To take one stress away, personal safety, for student athletes’ allows them to be able to focus more on their studies and training. In addition, coaches and faculty can rest assured their athletes have made it home safely, and are getting the rest they need to be at peak performance.

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